Had A Question on IGMP Proxy and pimd

I had a question in the comments on the firewall rules and IGMP Proxy and pimd based upon the post DLNA: pfSense and IGMP Proxy – nope, use pimd. Unfortunately, I deleted that comment when cleaning out the spam (imagine that – a real comment!). To the commenter: Sorry ’bout that!

Anyway, when I was working on that issue, I had any-any rules in place between the server subnet and and client subnets. Since then, I have put my FreeNAS server in place with separate physical NICs (with VLANs coming – I’ll post on that) so the need to proxy IGMP is no longer an issue.

However, based upon some Google University research, I expect that you would need the following rules between your networks:

  • IGMP
  • port 5001 rule (TCP/UDP)
  • Port 2869 rule (TCP); used for DLNA / uPNP discovery (SSDP)
  • Port 1900 rule (UDP); used for DLNA / uPNP discovery (SSDP)

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