#HMX-1 #MV-22B @ #YYT (or some USMC Presidential Aircraft at St. John’s Airport)

Now for something a little different… Earlier today I heard a “strange” aircraft. I was not quite sure what it was but quickly forgot about it. I happened to be out by the airport when I noticed a couple of USMC C-130Js on the apron. USAF (or Air National Guard) C-130s aren’t all that rare – they often stop off here before staring or ending the hop over the “pond.” USMC, well, that is different.

C-130Js at YYT

When I went down there were three MV-22B Ospreys on the apron. But not just any Ospreys – they were from HMX-1, the USMC squadron responsible for transporting the United States President (no matter who they are :-)).

HMX-1 MV-22B – Check the oil, please!
MV-22B’s don’t know how lucky they are to bask in the sun at YYT
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