Main Web Site Down

My main web site is down. I host with, which has been pretty reliable for the past 9-10 months. They decided to move sites and now doesn’t work. Now you will get x10hosting’s main web page.

Obviously, something needs to be properly configured on x10hosting’s side. I’ll give them a couple of days. After all, it is a free hosting service so I can’t be too hard on them.

I did look into but I don’t want to use their DNS servers. I’ve used for years and it has been very stable and the cost is very reasonable (not free, but damn close).

Anyway, if this keeps up I’ll look into a couple of other free hosting solutions. I used to host on my own webserver but I actually like to be able to take my time on maintenance, etc (or when the hardware failed which happened with the old server). and (obviously) is still up but they are hosted at home.

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