Multi-language Keyboards – yuck

I’m working on an HP Pavilion DV6 laptop for a family member.  Since we’re in Canada (or possibly as likely because this is a big box vendor who doesn’t want to stock multiple versions) we get stuck with the multi-language keyboard that, frankly, sucks.  It has, get this, two backslash/pipe keys one of which takes up half the space usually reserved for the left shift key.   Then it takes half the Enter key and replaces it with the other backslash/pipe key which has been moved from above the Enter key on the far right.   At least I really hope that the English-French keyboard is the reason.  Otherwise, someone should be fired for letting this abomination be put on the market.  This keyboard makes it just about impossible to type “normally”.  I think that a) you can get the US keyboard that is “normal” but b) it would probably cost about CDN$100 and would void your warranty.

The sad thing is that I actually like this laptop.  The screen is big enough – but not too big.  The CPU is fast enough – but not so hot as to melt your lap (and only your lap if you’re lucky!).  There isn’t so much add-on junk software that you need to re-install the OS.  It is light enough to carry around from room to room – in fact, it seems to be the same weight as the old Dell D820 I use for work (and will continue to until they pry it from my cold dead hands or they have something I like – the D820 just plain works) which is only a Core Duo.

For me, that keyboard would be a deal breaker!

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