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Back in August, August 23rd to be exact, the camera for died in the afternoon. It was a nice warm day. The camera, a Panasonic TK-C750C, was about 10 years old. That’s a pretty good age given it is outside in an enclosure. The enclosure, actually the second one, has a heater and a fan for cooling, but in this environment (wind blown sea air) I’m not surprised failed. It looks like the sensor broke. The sea air actually croaded the chromed thumbscrews on the lens! The arrows point to the former silver thumbscrews.

binary comment

I started my search but I couldn’t decide on whether to get another analog camera or go with a higher definition IP-based camera. As noted in my previous post, my dad got ill in September and then passed away in October.

Finally, I got around to replacing the camera. The weather had to be decent (which we haven’t had for the past two week – rain, drizzle, fog and lots of wind) to replace it. I decided to cheap it out and went for another analog used camera. This time a Panasonic WV-CP484 with a 2.8-12mm lens. This lens has a slightly higher zoom than the old camera.

If I can get another 5 years out of this camera, I’ll be pleased.

Anyway’s web cam is back up.

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