Thoughts on Americans and Health Care

I really can’t understand Americans and their stand on health care. Maybe it is as a Canadian I’ve had “socialized” health care since I was one year old. Ever since 1969 Newfoundland and Labrador has had government health care. Sometimes it isn’t the quickest – but I haven’t died yet! I don’t have to worry about getting sick and having to visit the E.R. – yes, they have to treat you in the U.S. – and then having to mortgage the rest of my life to pay for the six cotton balls and two bandaids that were used on me.

I can remember being down in North Carolina on business and talking to a senior at Chapel Hill University. When I asked him about it, noting that I couldn’t understand why there was so much resistance, his response was it was all about “entitlements.” Maybe it is that we don’t have all the illegal immigrants that the U.S. has. In fact, I was surprised by all the Central Americans trying to make a better life in the land of opportunity and the free and the brave.

I also can’t understand the difference between the “socialized” education (Kindergarten to grade 12 or 13), the “socialized” public safety protection (better known as the police) or the “socialized” Interstate highway system. The last being what seems to be the greatest “sin” in personal freedom and small government in that their Federal Government provides it, albeit through grants to the individual states. Once could go even further with Medicare (for seniors and others with disabilities) and Medicaid (a means-based test) which are provided to the states by the Federal Government. That system even seems like the Canadian model – monies from the Feds with rules provided to the states for other controls. I guess the difference is that there isn’t the same level of having each state provide a minimum level of consistent care as there is in Canada.

As I am obviously not old enough to understand any debates in Canada during the mid-1960s about implementing socialized medicine, I can’t really see Canadians getting to the point of threatening death to those who supported – even if it is through all the negative thoughts that will be channelled to the offenders in the US Congress and House.

I guess live free (of having the Feds take your money or impinge on any decision) or die really rings true.

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