Weather Station Still Failing with CRC Errors

I have just upgraded the Cumulus weather station software to version 1.9.2 Build 1032 from 1029. As I was upgrading the software I was reading the release notes (yeah, not a good practice: One should always read the release notes before upgrading! However, I always have a good backup so it isn’t that bad. Or so I keep telling myself…) and is a fix for my Oregon Scientific WMR-200 weather station to fix a wind chill issue but that was fixed in 1031.

The problem continues to be, seemingly, with the StarTech USB1000IP as I have noted previously. There seems to be two issues:

1) The USB1000IP “disappears” from the network. The more interesting thing plugging the device into a 10/100 Mbit/s switch seems to somewhat alleviate the issue in that it decreases theĀ  frequency that the device drops off the network. Of course, to have the device get back onto the network requires a power supply unplug/replug – no remote option seems to be available to me.

2) The USB1000IP seems to occasionally reboot. What this means is that I have to manually have to connect to the WMR200 using the USB1000IP software. Then I have to restart the Cumulus software.

Herein seems to be the problem: Cumulus does not “know” how to deal with a) the device connecting and disconnecting and b) recovery from CRC errors. It is hard to contact the software author when he is providing the software for free…

On the USB-over-IP front there seems to be some commonality between the various vendors. From previous posts you can read that I have had problems with the SIIG device as well with the same problems. The same software seems to be used by all the vendors with only cosmetic changes to the driver. I asked both SIIG and StarTech if they were working on a Linux version or would release the source code. Both, not surprising me in the least, simply stated that they were not working on a Linux version, had no intention of doing so and had no response on releasing the source code. Grrr….. Gut feeling: the same chip is being used by all the vendors supplying the USB-over-IP products (the Ethernet controller not withstanding; e.g. the StarTech is 1.0 Gbit/s and the other are 100 Mbit/s) and they are the only ones supplying the software driver.

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