What Happens When They Turn It On?

Not to ridicule those who feel that radio frequency (RF) energy is affecting them as there likely is something going on but it isn’t RF (see the citations in the Wikipedia article Electromagnetic hypersensitivity) I found the following supposed incidents:

In the UK a few years ago. The residents in a rural area started complaining that a new cellphone tower was giving them headaches, etc. A public hearing was held with engineers from the phone company responsible for the tower present. After an hour or so of people listing the ailments they’d been suffering since the tower went up, one of the engineers stood up and said “That all sounds terrible. But I have to admit I’m going to be curious to see what happens when we actually connect it and turn it on.”

Here is another one:

We had an interesting incident near Humboldt State University. A new cell tower went up and the local newspaper asked a number of people what they thought of it. Some said they noticed their cell phone reception was better. Some said they noticed the tower was affecting their health. To paraphrase the bottom line: “think about how much more pronounced these effects will be once the tower is actually operational.”

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