Working from home? Have some spare hardware? How about using that spare hardware to find a cure to COVID-19?

Old i7-4790K

So, I’m working from home in my office and realized that I had my son’s old PC sitting in the corner. Later that night, I was watching Linus Tech Tips and watched a video on using Folding@Home to help find a cure for the COVID-19 (Corona) virus.

My son’s old PC is an Intel i7-4790K with 16 GB RAM and an EVGA GTX 1070 Superclocked graphics card with a Corsair RM750i power supply and H75 AIO cooler. That seems like a bit of a waste just sitting there.

I loaded up Linux Mint 19.3 on the Samsung Evo 850 500 GB SATA drive and joined LTT’s F@H team. (He’s also a Canadian so – Go Team Canada!)

Good thing it’s still cold outside. The CPU and GPU running at 100% could make it a little toasty…

Quick Edit: A close-up view for the fellow geeks out there 🙂

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