Another Ubuntu Observation

What?!?!  Two posts in one day!

I’m watching TWIT-TV- a great Internet TV “channel” for your inner geek.  Anyway, I wanted to watch the July 3rd edition as Jerry Pournelle – who I have read since his early Byte magazine days – was on that show.

I plugged my Mini 10v (the original 1011) into my 47LG70 LCD television via the VGA cable.  Lo and behold – unlike my Windows 7 installation that I killed off for – Ubuntu recognized it better than Windows 7 did!  It won’t do 1280p  (likely due to RAM issues) but it runs 720p quite well.  TWIT-TV works just fine with its HD display.  Display selection seems to work better than Win7.

Ubuntu, Firefox, Thunderbird and OpenOffice (despite it being now owned by Oracle – time will tell…) is good enough it seems.

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