Fixing Broken Print-to-PDF in Linux Mint

I found this fix for fixing what seems to be a broken print-to-pdf in Linux Mint (more on that later).  I found it at Linux Mint Forums by WillGolfForFood

  1. Launch your printer panel in the administration and printing.
  2. Select the print to PDF “printer”.
  3. In Settings, select the change button on the Make and model setting.
  4. First one that is highlighted is “Generic (recommended)”. Choose it / Forward.
  5. First one that is highlighted is “Cups-PDF (recommended)”. The driver is Generic CUPS-PDF Printer (recommended). Choose it / Forward.
  6. Use the new PPD. Apply.
  7. Select the print test page to confirm the output lands in your home folder (or wherever you have it configured to go).
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