FreeNAS Update

I forgot to put in the obligatory logo 🙂

I’m well on my way through my FreeNAS build. For my boot drive I picked up two Kingston 120GB A400 SSDs on Amazon for CDN$25 each. That is only slightly more expensive than a “good” USB memory stick. These are mirrored and plugged into the two SATA3 (6Gb/s) ports on the motherboard.

The Qnap NAS has been decommissioned with the two 3 TB WD Reds added to FreeNAS. The 3 TB Red my son had “borrowed” for his gaming PC has been “reacquired.” My “spare” 3 TB Red has been added to FreeNAS and I bought another 3 TB Red. That has been made into a RAIDZ2. RAIDZ2 is like RAID6. You get double parity to tolerate multiple disk failures. That gives me 7.4 TB of usable space.

I have two MiniDLNA servers running is jails on the two different subnets getting rid of the IGMP proxy I noted in my previous post. The great thing is that the same volume groups (one for music, one for movies) can both be used by each of the MiniDLNA servers so I don’t need to duplicate storage.

Next item is dealing with NFS, physical interfaces and subnets for sharing space with my ESXi server.

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