Good Bye Mr. Linkletter, Internet Access costs

I just read on and simultaneously heard on CBC Radio 1 that Art Linkletter has died at the age of 97.  I can remember as a kid listening to rebroadcasts of his shows on the radio as me and dad ate breakfast.  They just ran a clip that goes:

Mr. Linkletter: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Kid: A bus driver or a pilot.

Mr. Linkletter: What would you do if you were flying a big plane and all four engines stopped?

Kid: I’d say “Our father, who art in heaven…”



Bell Appeals CRTC Decision To Bill By Amount Downloaded

I just read on CBC that Bell is appealing the CRTC’s decision that Bell had to start charging ALL of its customers by the amount they download per month before they can start charging in this way to their wholesale customers.  From the CBC site:

The company is disputing the regulator’s requirement that it move all of its retail customers off unlimited download plans before it can implement so called usage-based-billing on its wholesale customers, which are typically smaller companies that rent portions of Bell’s network in order to sell their own internet services.

While we have no real choice in the Metro St. John’s, Newfoundland, area – we only have Bell-Aliant and Rogers – at least we don’t have caps with Bell-Aliant.  At least not yet.

I really think that the CRTC and their political masters have to get the balls to divide our Internet providers into three parts.  One part for the infrastructure and only the infrastructure.  One part for the network access and only the network access.  And one part for content and only content.  Bell, Rogers and Shaw are all conflicted.  They all own infrastructure, network access and content.

And those in power think that there is no conflict of interest?  Bah sheep.

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