GRUB2 and Windows 10 Upgrade

I just finished upgrading my Lenovo Y50-70 install from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Of course, I run Linux Mint 17.2 as my primary OS but need Windows for VMware ESXi administration and, of course, running some games. Diablo III and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier are my current favourites.

Anyway, unlike other ¬†Windows upgrades this one did NOT blow away GRUB! Of course, I had to keep an eye on things as the upgrade was underway – multiple reboots – which would have left me booting into Mint – making the upgrade even longer. They weren’t kidding when they said multiple reboots and it would take a while.

I still have to see if everything is working – so far WiFi, Ethernet Sound, nVidia drivers, touchpad, etc. all seem fine. Still need to see if Diablo and Ghost Recon work, though…

I also found out that my VMware Workstation installation worked just fine as well after the upgrade as well!

Not bad, Microsoft!

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