Happy 2023!

Here’s hoping that everyone had a Merry Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate!) and wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2023!

Since my last post back in mid-October, I had my thoughts on what my next upgrade(s) would be – and I changed my mind. The DL360G Gen8 is, frankly, too noisy. It is great for testing things out, but with hybrid work it is a distraction at best and maddenly irritation at worst. Thus, buying the UniFi Aggregation Switch would serve no purpose – for now.

The other driving factor is that my “work” laptop, an old Lenovo Y50-70, started getting far too flaky. I think that there may be some cold solder joints but I am not set up to fix them. And it is getting old. I first thought that all the the Ubuntu 22.10 upgrade had gone sideways. There had been a lot of upgrades from Ubuntu 16.04 and I don’t limit myself to the LTS releases. When I went to do a fresh 22.10 install and the install would fail with not being able to find the Samsung Evo 850 SSD. I put the SSD in the MiniG3 and the Evo worked fine. The Samsung SSD from the MiniG3 showed the same issues in the Y50-70. After valiant service, I decided that the Y50 had to be put out to pasture.

I decided to replace it with my IdeaPad L340 (my now-old gaming laptop) with a minimal Windows 11 install – jury’s still out on Windows 11, but it seems to be incrementally improving; maybe Windows 12 will fix it 🙂 – for some specific Windows things. Most of the time it will be booted in the Ubuntu.

Of course, that meant the L340 needed a replacement. The Black Friday/Cyber Monday week sales were on and I decided on a Lenovo Legion 5 AMD. It is running an AMD Ryzen 5 6600H, RTX3060, 16GB DDR5 dual-channel RAM and a 512GB PCIe Gen4 SSD. This is my first AMD system in, what?, 30 years. My last one was an AM386-DX40. Besides, my son had decided he wanted to build his own gaming rig using the Ryzen 5 6600 🙂 It is a nice laptop – runs quick, battery life for web browsing, YouTube is about 4-5 hours (with a 80% “full” using Lenovo’s battery conservation).

What’s next? Not sure yet. I’m still waiting for ArmA 4…

About Mike Pelley

Let’s see… A little about me… I’ve been around information technology since 1983 with computers such as DEC Rainbows (weird machine – the standard DOS couldn’t format its own floppy disks – remember them? – and I had to format them on a friend’s IBM PC) to Radio Shack TRS-80 to Apple ][e and Apple //c in the beginning. I have programmed in 8-bit assembly language on 6502, FORTRAN and COBOL on IBM System/370 (and I still hate JCL), VAX BASIC and COBOL (and a weird and massive WordPerfect 4.0 macro) on DEC VMS (Alpha), C/C++ on Digital Unix (ALPHA), and C/C++, Perl (it may be powerful but I still hate it), PHP on Linux (Red Hat, Centos, Ubuntu, etc.). I have work with databases such as Digital RDB (later to become Oracle RDB), Oracle DBMS, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL on VAX, Alpha, Sun and Intel. Check out my professional profile and connect with me on LinkedIn. See http://lnkd.in/nhTRZe I still think that Digital created some of the best ideas in the world: VAX clustering, DSSI disks (forerunner to SCSI) and the Alpha processor (first commercial 64-bit processor – Red Hat screamed on an Alpha!). DEC just could not seem to be able to give air conditioners away to someone lost in the Sahara Desert! VMware is one of the best ways to get the most out of an x64 server. And I have tried Oracle VM, Virtual Box and Microsoft Virtual Server. Outside of that I am a huge military history buff starting in the early 20th century. I love Ford Mustangs (my ’87 Mustang GT was awesome) and if I had the money I would have a Porsche 928S4. If I had a lot of money I would have a Porsche 911 Turbo. I also play too much AmrA 3 Exile mod. Over 5,000+ hours... I have a wonderful son, Cameron. I have a long suffering (Do you really need all that computer junk?) wife, Paula. I live in Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador.
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