Lenovo Energy Manager, Windows 10 Upgrade and Conservation Mode

I realized on Friday that the Lenovo Energy Manager on my Y50 was no longer working.

First, some words of clarification: I spend a few hours with my dear friend Google trying to find out haw to fix “battery saver.”  (Well, actually I was watching the Back to the Future trilogy on AMC, but I digress.)

Battery saver to me is how you keep the lifespan and capacity of your laptop’s batter in as good shape as possible. You know, not keeping the battery charged to 100% and overheating when plugged in.

I learned two things about this: (1) “Battery Saver” does not mean how to keep your laptop’s battery in good shape – it is how to keep you laptop going as long as possible and (2) I have no idea what others call my version of battery saver.

Anyway, after going through countless search results I found someone (and I cannot remember who to give credit, unfortunately) defined battery saver the same as I do.

The solution: Uninstall Lenovo’s Energy Manager and reinstall it! Simple, what?


If you upgrade a Lenovo Y50 from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 you likely will need to uninstall Lenovo Energy Manager and reinstall it to have  “Conservation Mode” (which is what Lenovo calls my version of “battery saver”) actually work.

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