My iOS 5 Upgrade

I upgraded my iPad “Classic” to iOS 5 yesterday. It took a fairly long time to download but at the time that I downloaded it it was fairly early.

Once the upgrade was downloaded, the upgrade itself didn’t go too smoothly. First, I kept getting this error about not enough space to upgrade. Hunh? Anyway, I tried a couple more times and iOS 5 installed.

Then the reboot. ALL my applications were REMOVED from their folders. As I automatically put newly downloaded apps into folders I was shocked into finding NINE (9) pages of apps! Grumble, grumble… Fifteen minutes of life lost forever cleaning that mess up.

All my apps were still there. Great! I would have had to have been really patient to download all of those apps again. Especially given the overload on Apple’s servers.

Okay, now that everything has been tidied up, time to actually use the damn thing. Oh, oh… Why have all my passwords – not only passwords, usernames too! – have disappeared. These aren’t “critical” usernames and passwords, just junk ones that I’ve set up to access various web sites. Ones that I haven’t actually entered in months… Grumble, grumble…

Anyway, after getting these annoyances straightened out I was pleasantly surprised that my data, or at least what I’ve looked for, was still there. All of my movies were still there. Each app still had to be reconfigured – e.g. VLC didn’t have any settings.

Oh, and restoring from backup didn’t work either.

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