If anyone has happened to stumble upon this blog you will have noted that I really like Synology NAS products. A couple of years ago I purchased a DS211j (since superseded by the DS212j) and I have been quite satisfied. Since they have added both DHCP management and a DNS server to the official add-ons this is a real nice all-in-one solution. (If you want to see all the features, both native from Synology and via official third-party developers take a look at

One things really, really bugged me, though. First, when you dropped a video into a published DLNA/uPNP directory, indexing took forever to allow it to show up. This also applies for music and photos. I have tried various solutions but, frankly, indexing SUCKS!  I guess as part of this – call it part 1 (a) – is that the DLNA/uPNP server seems to crash far too often. And when it crashed it seemed like you had to let the indexing start all over again! And it could take hours!

Anyway, this was not impressing my wife and son very much. So, I went looking for an alternative which turned out to be from Qnap. The model I chose was the TS-219P II. I needed it to be cost effective (hence the two bay instead of four bay – which is my my Synology is also a two-bay…) and have a good DLNA/uPNP server for videos. Qnap’s solution is to use the Twonky product. While not nicely integrated like the Synology package is – Qnap’s is not branded or has the look-and-feel as the rest of the Qnap interface – it indexes almost immediately.

It also gets the media off may main NAS which solves another problem that I had – storage space….


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