North Koreans, Perils of Automotive Journalism

Crazy North Korea

In a Bohemian sort of way I have to admire North Korean.  Not for their government, aggressiveness, the starving of their people; no none of this.  It has to be for not giving up.  This is a laughable real-world, with real-world consequences, of the act in the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail where the Black Knight refuses to give up despite be dismembered (“…come on, I’ll bit your leg off” is what I seem to remember).

The problem with this are:

  1. North Korea has the fourth largest army in the world;
  2. North and South Korea are still in a state of war from the 1950’s;
  3. North Korea’s actions (and apparent understanding of the world, for that matter) aren’t that logical (maybe they are “starting to believe their own press”); and
  4. They are trying to develop nukes.
  5. Oh, and you’re not sure who is in control of the country!

Not exactly gives one a sense of confidence.

Now it appears that the North Koreans torpedoed a South Korean Corvette (not the car, the warship) and now it appears that the South has proof.  See The New York Times’ article Diplomatic Storm Brewing Over Korean Peninsula


Perils of Automotive Journalism

I just read this article in the Globe and Mail: Globe journalist’s son crashes $180,000 Porsche You think you’ve had a small fender bender?

  • Body work on the Porsche: $11,000
  • Repair the garage door: $2,700
  • Cost of sending son to driving school to learn how to drive a standard: Unknown, but not cheap
  • Having to write in a national newspaper about it: Priceless

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