PS3 Hard Drive Upgrade Tip (very small tip…)

I originally bought a PlayStation 3 with my first HD TV. It was the best Blu-ray player on the market. It still may be…

Anyway, once my son reached 9 the PS3 soon abandoned me for him. Well, to tell the truth I like watching TV and to get my TV back I found the solution: I gave him the old HD TV and PS3 and put it in the rec room… and a 55″ with new Blu-ray player (no, not as good as the PS3).

Anyway, he discovered downloadable content which soon filled up the 80GB hard drive so he bought a 1TB replacement drive. The actual upgrade went just as well as the PS3 upgrade soon.

However, there is one thing I should note: I have a 500GB GoFlex Pro USB 3 drive that I was using as the media in the backup-restore process. After quickly remembering that the PS3 needs FAT32 not NTFS it took the night to resize the NTFS partition down enough to create a FAT32 partition to backup the PS3. (I had “stuff” on the GoFlex that I didn’t want to copy elsewhere – suffice to say I ended up wasting time….)

The next thing I learned is that the PS3 doesn’t like USB 3. As soon as I changed the GoFlex’s adapter back to USB 2 and everything went fine. So, the tip is: use a USB 2 drive to backup your PS3.

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