Synology DSM – Fix for media files not indexing

I have had an issue with media files not indexing once I copied them onto my Synology DiskStation NAS. I often copy files from the NAS to do media conversion on an old Ubuntu box for .mkv (Matroska) encoded (or “containered”) files. Despite how numerous .mkv files are, it seems that many devices do not seem to have the ability to decode them.

Anyway, I use an NFS mount to copy the files between the Ubuntu box and the NAS. The problem apparently is that apparently there is no DiskStation the kernel supports inotify. The DiskStation media indexer supports automatic indexing of files being added via SMB, AFP or FTP, it is not aware if you move or copy files via NFS (or SSH/Telnet for that matter) to the DiskStation directly.

After much searching I found the above information written by Gerd Wolfgang Naschenweng who develop a really nice script that will index really, really – like lightening quick – quickly. You can run the file manually once you SSH into the NAS or you can put it in the NAS’ crontab. The little utility is here.

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