Tim Cook on Windows 8 UI & Death of the PC

This has got to be one of the best quotes I’ve read on Windows 8’s new “Metro” user interface (UI). Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said that Windows 8 would be like combining a toaster and a fridge – something that, while technically possible, was “probably not going to be pleasing to the user”.

In my playing around with Windows 8 the UI certainly is nice for a tablet (although my preferences are Blackberry Playbook, Android 4.x, Apple iOS and Windows 8) but for a desktop machine – no. Desktop knowledge workings won’t be reaching out to the screen to select, etc., – that is why we have keyboards and mice/trackpads – unless we want humans to start looking like orangutans (picture: really long arms). And no, desktops are not in a death spiral like many pundits indicate. While the market is stagnant or slightly declining could you see an office administration professional trying to type letters on a tablet (or any serious management professional, for that matter)? No, the tablet market is growing because people are moving to devices that they need to really consume information or provide very mobile, forced-choice input – tablets. I have a number of tablets (Playbook, Asus Transformer and iPad) but for serious work I go back to my laptop. And, for gaming I am back to my desktop.


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