Update on PlayStation 3

I found out some additional information. I had forgotten about the hack that occurred for the PS3 that would let you get to ring 0 (the core of the system) that was developed by George Hotz. In an interview with the BBC Mr. Hotz said:

  • the hack was “5% hardware and 95% software” (not exactly something that seems like a script kiddie would do);
  • he would publish details of the console’s “root key”, a master code that once known would make it easier for others to decipher and hack other security features on the console;
  • he hack would allow people to play older PS2 games on their consoles. Sony removed the PS2 hardware from later PS3 systems; and
  • He admitted that it could also allow people to run pirated games (Now, that likely has a bigger impact to Sony, especially after saying that the system was, in effect, unhackable – anyone else thinking “Titanic”?)

I also had forgotten that Netflix now could be streamed to the PS3 – if you could get into ring 0 then you really can do some “interesting” things!

I also wrote Sony on the loss of Linux with the upgrade and the $10 PSN credit I read about and here is the (unfortunately what seems to be the “standard” in customer service) response:

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you regarding the firmware update. We do not have any information regarding the refund you mentioned in your request.

I also wrote them on the issue with the Newfoundland time zone to which they (promptly, to give the devil his due) responded:

We apologize for any inconvenience you are experiencing with the Newfoundland time-zone on your PlayStation(R)3 computer entertainment system. We value your input and appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) has not released any details concerning the product, project, or development referenced in your email. SCEA and its affiliated companies are regularly engaged in extensive research and development in many areas of the computer entertainment industry. Hence, we cannot comment on future PlayStation(R) developments, projects, or products. We appreciate your enthusiasm and continued interest in our products, and hope you understand our position. You may however, visit our website at http://www.us.playstation.com/ and view our current press releases and future updates.

Please rest assured that we will convey your feedback to Sony Computer Entertainment America’s (“SCEA”) appropriate management.

Maybe someone will figure out how to properly include the full tzinfo (timezone) on a future firmware update…

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