Core Network Upgrade: Completed – Almost

Well, I’m just about finished my core network upgrade that I started, really, last winter. Here’s what has transpired since Christmas (links to posts, etc. in line):

  • Santa bought me a TP-Link TL-SG1024DE. It gave me the VLANs I was looking for but it didn’t give me everything I was looking for but it worked for now.
  • The old SonicWall TZ205W was getting a little long in the tooth and I replaced it with a pfSense box.
  • The Netgear/D-Link access points being manually configured bugged me so I bought a Ubiquiti  UniFi AC AP Lite.
  • Since the TP-Link switch wasn’t doing it for me and I liked the Ubiquiti gear so much I replaced it with a  Ubiquiti Switch 24.
  • I hated the wire rack I was using for the network and server gear so I replaced it with a homemade one.
  • Three NASes were too much even for a geek like me and they needed an upgrade. So three of the NASes, one with an external hardware eSATA disk enclosure, were replaced with a Supermicro Server with FreeNAS.

So, what’s next? There are three empty drive bays in the FreeNAS box. I will eventually be setting up a RAIDZ pool for my ESXi NFS shares. And, of course, there are the two Quanta S98J QSSC 1U rackmount server cases. I need another HBA, external cables, and drives to make them useful.

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