Network Upgrade 99% Complete (For Now)

I received my second UniFi AP Lite yesterday. The plan was to have two APs in the house – one on each floor – from the beginning. The first AP was mounted in the basement ceiling which provided good coverage for the basement but parts of the main floor and outside the house were spotty. This was likely because of the floor in between the basement and the main floor. Outside was likely due to the concrete walls 🙂

The implementation was almost seamless – except for stupidity on my part. When I configured the port for the new AP, I added the management VLAN which allowed adoption and the firmware upgrade. However, clients could connect but would not maintain connectivity. The UniFi controller showed a boatload of DHCP failures. What was going on?

Well, another case of rushing things. If you have your WiFi network on different VLANs those VLANs also need to be applied to the switch port as well. Otherwise, when a client connects to a WiFi network, which is different from the management network, the switch ports sees the DHCP request and says “I don’t know about network x! Go away!”. Anyway, once I added the correct profile (I love the network profiles that Ubuquity has in their SDN) with all the right VLANs things go as smooth as silk.

So, the network upgrade is now 99% complete. WiFi connectivity is great across the basement and main floor. I can actually now get a reliable, albeit a little weak, WiFi connection in my shed. I still have to replace some cable runs with Cat5e or Cat6 and desperately need to clean up the rat’s nest in the server rack. Maybe Santy Claus will help me out there.

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