How Large IS Large

I found this article on Gizmodo while eating lunch about The World’s Biggest Cargo Ship Carrying Over 17,000 Crates, NBD. These are the Maersk Triple E class. Now this is is large however one commenter puts the maximum capacity of 18,270 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units – the standard sized shipping container) shipping  containers into context:

  • 18,270 TEU crates stood up the tall way would be 365,400′ tall. Or almost 70 miles stacked end-to-end
  • 18,270 TEU crates have a total volume of 24,847,200 square feet, nearly twice the volume of Boeing’s Everett plant, or nearly seven times the size of NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building, a building soo big it has weather systems
  • 18,270 TEU crates spread out in a single layer would cover more than half of Vatican City

Now, that is big!


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