Linux Mint 12, Network Manager and OpenVPN

I have been looking for how to set up OpenVPN with Network Manager under Linux Mint 12.I think that everyone has found that you cannot use the client.ovpn configuration file that OpenVPN.  After much searching I found the following guide as for OpenVPN client setup:

You can manually insert the configuration parameters in network-manager-openvpn

First you need the certificates in separate files you get these by entering the following commands on the Access server console. /usr/local/openvpn_as/scripts2. ./sacli -a ADMIN -o OUTPUT_DIRECTORY –cn COMMON_NAME get5
ADMIN = openvpn access server administrator
-o = directory where you want the certificates stored
–cn = same as username, except for autologin profiles, append “_AUTOLOGIN” to the common name.
2. copy the certificates to a folder on your pc
3. click on the network manager, chose “VPN connections” –> “configure VPN”
4. click add
5. choose Openvpn click create
6. type in your gateway eg.
7. in “type” choose “password with certificates (TLS)”
8. in “user name” type in your openvpn user name
9. in “user certificate” choose the client.crt file you got earlier
10. in “CA certificate” choose the ca.crt file you got earlier
11. in “private key” choose the client.key file you got earlier
12. click “Advanced”
13. set your port number (default 1194)
14. click on the “use LZO data compression”
15. select tap “TLS Authentication”
16. check the “Use additional authentication
17. in “key file” select the ta.key file you got earlier
18. in “key direction” choose 1
19. click okay
20. click appy
21. click close
You should now be able to connect to your openVPN access server

NOTE: these settings are based on a standard openvpn access server setup and other setting may be needed for your setup, please check your client.ovpn file for correct settings to setup your connection.

Credit goes to”piet.petersen
Here’s the link to the original post OpenVPN Client via Network Manager

OpenVPN Client via Network Manager

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