Moving to FibreOp

FibreOp is finally to my neighbourhood!  I have my appointment booked for the first part of January to get it installed.  I am really looking forward to it because:

a) it gets me off Rogers Cable services.  Not only is FibreOp cheaper but I won’t have to listen to the “We are experiencing higher than normal call levels” – even at 2:00 AM – only to have them tell me to reboot my digital cable box;

b) it upgrades me from Warp 3 – yes, the original 1.5 MB down/ 768 KB up service – to 30 MB down/30 MB up.  The CSR I was talking to said that I would notice a speed increase.  No 5h1t!  Ha, ha!

This means, however, that my nice multi-zoned and firewalled home network setup is toast.  For now at least.  Others have told said, and I have done far too much Googling on the subject, that “yes” I can host my web server on FibreOp but I really do not like the way that you have to use the FibreOp supplied router.  It seems like a nice home router but it is not up to the level of my SonicWall routers.  Maybe things will change but…

I have a server hosting provider out of Montreal.  I wanted to keep it in Canada as I prefer to stay national if possible.  Not that I don’t trust U.S. PATRIOT Act laws.  No, not at all…

My sites have been moved to the new hosting service.  The weather station was a little challenge as I had to move everything over to SCP and Cumulus doesn’t support SCP yet.  Anyway it is working now.  And so is the blog which you are reading now.  I actually didn’t have to read too much to remember how to backup and restore a database and permissions 😉

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