Moving to FibreOp

FibreOp is finally to my neighbourhood!  I have my appointment booked for the first part of January to get it installed.  I am really looking forward to it because:

a) it gets me off Rogers Cable services.  Not only is FibreOp cheaper but I won’t have to listen to the “We are experiencing higher than normal call levels” – even at 2:00 AM – only to have them tell me to reboot my digital cable box;

b) it upgrades me from Warp 3 – yes, the original 1.5 MB down/ 768 KB up service – to 30 MB down/30 MB up.  The CSR I was talking to said that I would notice a speed increase.  No 5h1t!  Ha, ha!

This means, however, that my nice multi-zoned and firewalled home network setup is toast.  For now at least.  Others have told said, and I have done far too much Googling on the subject, that “yes” I can host my web server on FibreOp but I really do not like the way that you have to use the FibreOp supplied router.  It seems like a nice home router but it is not up to the level of my SonicWall routers.  Maybe things will change but…

I have a server hosting provider out of Montreal.  I wanted to keep it in Canada as I prefer to stay national if possible.  Not that I don’t trust U.S. PATRIOT Act laws.  No, not at all…

My sites have been moved to the new hosting service.  The weather station was a little challenge as I had to move everything over to SCP and Cumulus doesn’t support SCP yet.  Anyway it is working now.  And so is the blog which you are reading now.  I actually didn’t have to read too much to remember how to backup and restore a database and permissions 😉

About Mike Pelley

Let’s see… A little about me… I’ve been around information technology since 1983 with computers such as DEC Rainbows (weird machine – the standard DOS couldn’t format its own floppy disks – remember them? – and I had to format them on a friend’s IBM PC) to Radio Shack TRS-80 to Apple ][e and Apple //c in the beginning. I have programmed in 8-bit assembly language on 6502, FORTRAN and COBOL on IBM System/370 (and I still hate JCL), VAX BASIC and COBOL (and a weird and massive WordPerfect 4.0 macro) on DEC VMS (Alpha), C/C++ on Digital Unix (ALPHA), and C/C++, Perl (it may be powerful but I still hate it), PHP on Linux (Red Hat, Centos, Ubuntu, etc.). I have work with databases such as Digital RDB (later to become Oracle RDB), Oracle DBMS, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL on VAX, Alpha, Sun and Intel. Check out my professional profile and connect with me on LinkedIn. See I still think that Digital created some of the best ideas in the world: VAX clustering, DSSI disks (forerunner to SCSI) and the Alpha processor (first commercial 64-bit processor – Red Hat screamed on an Alpha!). DEC just could not seem to be able to give air conditioners away to someone lost in the Sahara Desert! VMware is one of the best ways to get the most out of an x64 server. And I have tried Oracle VM, Virtual Box and Microsoft Virtual Server. Outside of that I am a huge military history buff starting in the early 20th century. I love Ford Mustangs (my ’87 Mustang GT was awesome) and if I had the money I would have a Porsche 928S4. If I had a lot of money I would have a Porsche 911 Turbo. I also play too much AmrA 3 Exile mod. Over 5,000+ hours... I have a wonderful son, Cameron. I have a long suffering (Do you really need all that computer junk?) wife, Paula. I live in Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador.
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