Linux Mint 12

After running Linux Mint 11 for about four or five months, Mint 12 has come out following Mint’s usual release cycle of six months.  As I posted previously, I moved from Ubuntu after they moved to Gnome’s Unity with Oneiric (11.10).  Suffice to say, I seriously dislike Unity – even on my old Dell Mini 10V netbook.

One of the guys at work mentioned that he was using Linux Mint 11 (Katya) and that since I like Ubuntu I should give Mint a try.  I did and I like it.

Since I get bored with sticking with one version I have to update when the new version comes out.  Hence, my upgrade to Lisa.  I am quite intrigued with Gnome 3.  I sort-of miss being able to add and/or configure the

It was a little different from Ubuntu where you just do a “upgrade distribution” but that being said, doing a clean upgrade does have something to be said about it.  I always perform a clean upgrade with Microsoft Windows between versions.  Not that Linux is anything like Windows!  😉

So far, I really like the interface.  Gnome 3 (without Unity – I could go on about the love-in that seems to have developed for Apple Mac OS X and the homage some developers are having – but I digress…) is rather interesting.  I sort-of miss not being able to customize the panels or add a new panel but not all that much.  The install went well – it even found my Dell XPS 15 (L501X) wireless card without having to resort to a wired connection and then downloading the updates to get the WiFi to work.  I always found that a pain in the butt.

[Another aside: Why are we still getting the

vesamenu.c32: Not a COM32R image

error when creating a bootable USB memory stick?  I have to search on how to fix it just about every time…  It really bugs me…]

The only got-ya I have found so far is that the Totem Coherence UPNP is broken (see here) and there does not seem to be very many Google posts about it.  [Yet another aside: for some reason VLC Player broke a couple of versions ago (hence my move to Totem Coherence…) whereby it would find my Synology DLNA NAS (a REALLY nice box – so nice I want to buy a bigger one!) but I couldn’t actually get any media.]

If you are interested in another Linux distribution, give Mint a try.  Mint also has a LiveCD version as well.

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