Network Upgrade Complete (For now…)

My netwok upgrade is not complete. The last two pieces were to replace the 1GigE switch in the TV room and the 10/100 Mbit/s switch in my son’s gaming room.

A few months ago, my son questioned why his gaming PC (i7-4970K, 16 GB RAM, GTX 1070 superclocked, GigE NIC) could only get about 97 Mbit/s. He knew that we have at least 500 Mbit/s bidirectionally. I finally fessed up and let him know that the switch that his PC (and the PS3, PS4 xbox 360) was an old D-Link DSS-8+. I mean really old; so old that I can’t even remember buying it. Actually, I think that it was a Christmas present.

The TV room had an more modern D-Link DSG-108G GigE switch. Thus, the old 10/100 Mbit/s switch connected to the GigE switch and then into the the UniFi Switch 24 because I had no easy way of running cable from the gaming room to the office (drywall instead of drop ceilings).

The solution, of course was more Ubiquiti UniFi gear. In this case, two UniFi US-8 non-PoE 8-port switches. I don’t need the full PoE swtiches (e.g. the US-8 60 watt or 150 watt switches). The US-8 does allow for PoE 48V Passive input to power it, and the US-8 will provide 48V Passive output using the included power adapter, it wouldn’t work over the run between the TV room and the gaming room. I don’t think that it is really supposed to work, anyway. It does work over a 30 cm patch cord, though.

Anyway, except for that old DSG-108G on my desk (two laptops and printer – I don’t want to backhaul 3 long cables from the desk to the UniFi Switch 24) and the 5-port GigE unmanged switch for the physical edge DMZ, everything is now UniFi.

The physical networking is now done. I still have some VLAN cleanup to do – move the IoIT devices onto the distrusted network (“untrusted” ain’t a real word, apparently). Everything is done now except a new cable run and a new, real rack. My birthday is coming up in a couple of months…

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