Blast from the Past – Microsoft BOB

Microsoft Watch‘s posting today on Microsoft Bob brings back memories. Memories like: Why? I never could understand why someone would like let alone need such an interface. Even granting that it was 15 years ago and people weren’t quite as sophisticated as they are now…

Microsoft BOB

Microsoft BOB from Nathan's Toasty Technology page

Anyway, take a look at the article. Two quotes that I love are “…Bob could have been a success–or, at the very least, not something that Microsoft needed to drag behind the barn and shoot by 1996…” and “…turned programs into icons such as grandfather clocks and scattered them around a desktop designed to resemble living rooms and kitchens, had more issues than the waiting room of a psychoanalyst’s office…” I bet you someone at Microsoft was really, really glad they didn’t name it Microsoft Bill 😉

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